Welcome to Critical Strike

Good afternoon (or morning, or evening, depending on when you read this,) dear reader, and welcome to Critical Strike!  Critical Strike is my space for film, game, restaurant, book, television, and music reviews (and whatever strikes my fancy: it is my blog after all.)

A little bit about your author: My name is Blake, and I’m a recent college graduate.  I’ve done some amateur criticism for my school newspaper, and now that I’m out, and have no outlet, it feels like it’s finally time to get my own space to publish.  I previously specialized in movies and restaurants, but that was more the nature of the paper that I wrote on rather than a matter of preference.  Outside of my writing, I fence, swim, consume a bit too much media, and like to cook and bake.

I now leave you, dear reader, to go and write my first post of substance.  To anyone who’s reading who doesn’t know me in the physical world, I invite you to comment here, ask questions, and get to know me.  Hopefully we’ll be talking for a long time to come.


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